Privacy policy

 Privacy Policy


All personal data gathered by STAR HILLS PRODUCTION LTD (hereinafter referred to as the ''Company'') in the course of its business shall be kept and handled in accordance with the Cyprus Processing of Personal Data (Protection of the Individual) Law of 2001, as amended from time to time, on protection of personal data and any other applicable legislation as per the relevant jurisdiction.

Gathering of Personal Data

The Company primarily gathers your personal data during the purchase of an event ticket or in the case of other contractual relations. You may be asked to provide your personal data upon usage of any websites of the Company. The data is gathered discretely and only the Company has access to it during this stage. By purchasing a ticket on any of the Company's websites or otherwise engaging in contractual relations with the Company, you give your express consent to the Company to gather and process your personal data. You are fully responsible for the accuracy of the data provided to the Company. By purchasing a ticket on any of the Company's websites or otherwise engaging in contractual relations with the Company, you agree that the Company may collect, store, disclose and transfer internationally (including disclosure to any related legal entities of the Company or to its subcontractors) personal data, including sensitive personal data, relating to you and/or your employees for various purposes including (i) processing, reviewing and administering your registration/purchase form to seminars/conferences/events, (ii) maintaining the administrative or client relationship management systems of the Company, (iii) quality and risk management reviews, (iv) statistical reviews, (v) providing you with information about the Company and of seminars/conferences/events offers and/or organized, (vi) meeting the requirements of applicable laws and regulations. When you provide personal data to us about your employees and other individuals, you confirm that you only do so provided that you have the authority to act as their agent and that you have obtained any required approval and/or consent from such employees and/or other individuals.
Upon payment execution you also give your consent to transfer your provided personal data to service in order to organize networking at the event.

Usage of Personal Data

The usage of gathered personal data includes, but is not limited to systematisation, collection, saving, updating, changing, depersonalisation, blocking and deletion. The Company will not disclose your personal data to any third parties, except in specified cases as per the Company's contractual terms and conditions and as required by law or by public authorities. The Company doesn't store any details of credit/debit cards used for payments on our websites.

Withdrawal of Consent

You may request that the Company deletes your personal data it has lawfully gathered and processed from its databases. Should you wish to withdraw your consent to have your personal data gathered and processed, you are required to inform the Company in writing (using your email/postal address which you have used to communicate with the Company in the past) to our email address or our postal address of: 9, Spyrou Kyprianou street, Neda Center, Office 1B, 3070, Limassol, Cyprus. Kindly note that the Company cannot continue to provide you with any services if you withdraw your consent and request to have your personal data deleted.

Changes of Personal Data

If any of your personal data changes you are advised to inform the Company without delay as the Company uses your personal data for the purposes of customer/client care and for the successful completion of the Services to be rendered by the Company as per the Terms and Conditions available on the Website for the purchase of an Event Ticket.

Personal Data of Third Persons

Due to the nature of the Company's business, you may be asked to provide personal data of third persons (e.g. a customer may purchase multiple tickets for a number of event visitors). In such cases you warrant to the Company that you are authorized to do so and have obtained the required consent of such third parties. Should you not have the required consent, or should such a consent be withdrawn and you fail to inform the Company, you are fully liable for any claims or damages which may result and you are obliged to indemnify any resulting claims or damages against the Company.